Welded Manufacturing

Welding is the process of joining two or more materials with or without using additional materials under the effect of heat and / or pressure. In addition to the joining process, the welding process is used in coating and filling processes. Today, there are many different welding methods. It is a type of process that is used extensively in the industry. Welded manufacturing is described as a special process in international standards. For this reason, there are international standards in order to guarantee and level the quality level in welded manufacturing.

In our welded manufacturing department, MIG / MAG and TIG welded manufacturing projects are produced. In this section, after the welding process of the products is completed, cleaning, grinding, sandblasting and pre-painting preparations are carried out and then they are prepared by being checked 100% by our expert quality control team.

As a company, we continue to improve in our production area to ensure occupational safety conditions and employee health.

With ISO 3834-2 Welded Manufacturing Quality Management System and Certificate, our welded manufacturing company has reached a certain level of welding quality. In addition to the audits of these standards, special process audits are carried out in our company and a roadmap is prepared with the current situation of the welded manufacturing processes of our company and the parts in need of improvement are analyzed within the report. Today, every customer who has resources in its manufacture prefers to work with manufacturers that fulfill the requirements of this standard.