Electrostatic Powder Paint

In line with the demands of our customers, we are able to sandblast the final surfaces of the products and paint with powder paint in the RAL codes requested by our customers.

Developed in parallel with the environmental consciousness in the world, metals and powder paint material have different electrical charges in a magnetic environment, as a result of which the powder material has emerged as a painting method based on the principle of coating the metal surface with the effect of a magnet. The powder coated metal surface is baked at 180-200 degrees of high temperature to cure the paint, thus obtaining a painted surface that becomes a part of the metal.

Electrostatic powder paint, which is the only environmentally friendly product of today, proves this with the result that 98% of the amount of paint used during application can be attached to the metal.

Application of powder coating is based on ELECTROSTATIC basis. It can be explained as sending powder paint particles to the spray gun with air at a certain pressure and spraying it on the previously grounded material by being electrostatically charged. There is an attraction between the powder paint and the surface due to the negative (or positive) charge of the paint and the paint adheres to the material electrostatically. Then it melts in the oven at 200 likC and sticks to each other and the material.

Liquid or gas fuel and electrical energy are used as fuel for heating powder coating ovens.