Turkey’s international trade (according to GTİP code), we examine the titles listed below textiles, Turkey’s textile and apparel sector is the first sector up to foreign trade surplus today as a whole. Moreover, this excess amount was fixed at the level of 14-15 billion USD in the last 6 years. Turkey’s foreign trade deficit is close to one quarter of the country’s textile sector in the broad sense.

One of the important contributions of the textile and ready-made clothing industry to the national economy is seen in the field of employment. According to SSI data in September 2018, accounting for 25 percent of overall employment in the manufacturing industry and 6 percent of Turkey’s textile and apparel industry is also one of the most democratic sectors of our country with the female employment rate of 40 percent.

Despite the high proportion by Turkey export textile machinery and chemicals used in production it is largely dependent on the outside. Being late in production-oriented approaches and R&D studies and inadequate studies in this field have been the biggest reasons of this foreign dependency.

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