Iron and Steel

The iron and steel industry has been of great importance in the development of various industries and the development of societies since ancient times. Especially when developing countries are taken into consideration, Iron and Steel industry has pioneered other sectors and continues to do so. Iron is an important sector for Turkey and the world – Steel sector in the global economy, has the leading sector in the national economy and industrialization in the property. The sector is of great importance for the national economy due to its characteristics such as the widespread use of steel products, increasing consumption, production of intermediate goods for the manufacturing industry and export potential. The Iron – Steel sector is a sector where iron ore is produced by casting, forging, rolling, drawing and similar methods, starting from its concentration, following the extraction from underground. Considering the diversity of the products produced, it is seen that the importance of the Iron and Steel sector is increasing in technological fields as well as in traditional industries. As a result of the rapid developments in iron and steel production, the industrial revolution took place and great developments were experienced in the field of technology.

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