The automotive industry, as the term, is the business sector that designs, develops, manufactures and markets motor vehicles. The automotive industry is recognized as the locomotive of the economy in all industrialized countries. The reason for the driving-driving effect of the sector in the economy is its very close relationship with other branches of industry and other sectors of the economy. The automotive industry is the main buyer in basic industries such as iron-steel, petro-chemistry, and rubber, and is the driver of the technological development in these sectors. All kinds of motor vehicles required by the tourism, infrastructure and construction, transportation and agriculture sectors are provided with industry products. Changes in this sector closely affect the entire economy.

Automotive sector is an industry that produces Motor Vehicle. Automobile production constitutes approximately 70% of the total motor vehicle production in the world. This rate is valid in Turkey. Automobile production is carried out in much higher quantities than other motor vehicles. In this way, automobile production creates a strong sub-industry and supports the production of other vehicles. Therefore, automobile production is the foundation of the automotive industry.

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