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About Us

Uydu Makina, whose foundations were laid in 2015 in line with the goal of sustainable customer satisfaction, continues to produce and produce continuously with the motivation of having registered its success in the national market in the global market.

With the vision of Industry 4.0, with the aim of providing maximum efficiency with minimum cost, Uydu Makina is growing rapidly in line with its targets.

With its collaborations and projects, with its confidence in the future, with its expert staff, superior design capability and high experience, Uydu Makina is able to deliver the final product to its customers by using its high-level engineering capabilities and industry 4.0 vision as well as its assembly capabilities. In the Nilüfer Industrial Zone of Bursa, which is the center of the Turkish automotive industry, it is an organization that provides “Full Time Supplier” service in many sectors, especially in the automotive sector, and acts with the vision of being a top-level business. Our company provides quality and reliable services to its customers with timely shipments.


Our Quality Policy


Uydu Makina products are produced in accordance with ISO, DIN and SAE standards. However, in a very short time, customized solutions and productions can be made in line with the special demands or standards of the customers.

At every stage from the raw material to the final product, all products are subject to quality control and approved by professional quality technicians.

As a pioneering, sought-after and innovative organization in its sector, our company, which has reached the highest level of quality in its field, has continuously improved its quality in domestic and foreign markets with its superior competitive power and has completed all the documents of interest.

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Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Human First! Safety first!

Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of every job we do and has top priority in all our activities.

Our Basic Principles;

  • To take preventive and corrective approaches.
  • To create a culture of occupational safety and to make this culture a lifestyle.
  • Eliminating dangerous situations and dangerous behavior for a safe working environment.

 In line with these principles;

In all our activities, to strive to do better than the legislative requirements by complying with all legal regulations and standards that comply with our Occupational Health and Safety risks,

To evaluate and prioritize all risks that may arise from the working environment, to reduce them to an acceptable risk level, thus to prevent injuries and health problems, To increase our performance by continuously improving our processes with preventive and corrective approaches on Occupational Health and Safety, which is one of the cornerstones of sustainability,

We undertake.

Our Environmental Policy

  • To use our energy and resources effectively for a sustainable production compatible with nature,
  • Not to pollute the environment instead of cleaning by adopting the principle of protecting the ecosystem in all our activities,
  • Identifying and evaluating risks and opportunities regarding our environmental aspects and compliance obligations, taking into account our organization context,
  • To reduce environmental impacts arising from all our processes by controlling within the framework of preventive and corrective approaches,
  • To design and develop our products within the framework of life cycle approach,
  • To prefer environmentally friendly and energy efficient options in product and service purchases,
  • To work in accordance with energy efficiency techniques to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Being prepared for emergencies and responding in the most effective way when necessary,
  • To raise awareness of our employees and suppliers on environmental and energy issues,
  • To continuously improve environmental and energy performances and management systems,
  • To provide the information and resources needed to achieve the goals and objectives committed within the scope of environmental and energy policy,

We undertake.

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Our Service Concept

We aim to produce innovative ideas to enrich the customer experience and transform them into a corporate culture, and by including many ideas in this field in our operations, we carry our innovative perspective not only in products but in every field.

In order to differentiate in competition, we adopt the vision of investing in people and the values ​​that contribute to the customer, and we implement practices that make a difference in our production.

In order to ensure the continuity of service quality, we offer trainings to our employees, domestic and international business partners, and their personnel with professional development content, face to face and via e-learning system.

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